our story

Pioneers in robotics and automation

We are a new business spun out from Tharsus Group – building on decades
of sector expertise. VersaTile is the next step in a journey that has seen
15+ years development and manufacture of smart machines and robots.

With proven experience and expertise in engineering, robotics, software development and AI, we are passionate about delighting customers with
great products.

our purpose

We’re passionate about delivering tech that matters

Our Team

Embracing talent

At VersaTile we’re inclusive, diverse and hybrid: we embrace talent from around the world, working both at our headquarters in Blyth, Northumberland as well as remotely.

Brian Palmer


Colin Skene

Project Principal

Craig Wright

Manufacturing Lead

Dave Swan

Senior Solutions Architect

David Fairbairn


David Williams


Emma Steel

Material Controller

Holger Schulz

Senior Mathematician

Joni Rautavuori


Kamil Janiec

Senior Software Engineer

Kerry Patterson

Head of HR

Martin McCourt

Non Executive Director

Matthew Maunder

Software Engineer

Paul Featonby


Richard Laycock


Robert Morris

Lead Mechanical Engineer

Tom Oliver

Senior Software Engineer

our values

Passionate about our values

Aim higher

To achieve global best, each of us has to aim beyond ordinary. So go for brilliance, go for stretch. Demand more from yourself and from your colleagues. Challenge and be challenged.

think wider

Every decision we make impacts on a bigger picture. So make every decision the right decision; think wider about each decision’s effect on the project, on other people, on our ultimate goal.

Work together

Greatness is rarely a solo effort and it never 
can be in our business. We work together to achieve a shared purpose with our colleagues, our partners and our customers. We each bring distinct and essential strengths. More is definitely more. Each deserves respect.

Working at VersaTile

We’re here to create great tech that helps drive efficient and sustainable 
solutions. We do this by designing and building great products which enable 
our customers to do amazing things.

To be successful at this we bring together a diverse and talented group of 
people – united in their desire to create technology that solves the big challenges.

We’re always looking for great people who want to work with some of the 
most exciting businesses on the planet. There are opportunities for everyone – from mechanical, electronic and electrical engineers to data scientists and mathematicians, software and firmware developers, operators and supply 
chain experts, as well as marketing and delivery.

“VersaTile combines genuine startup-like enthusiasm with the development of a tangible product that is making a meaningful impact on the industry.”

Mateusz, Software Developer

“We have a fantastic team, the project is dynamic and varied – no two days are the same.”

Colin, Project Principal

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